We carry with us a living heritage of faith. We’ve enjoyed a rich, fruitful history in which we have experienced God’s love and blessing.


In the early 1900s, the Pentecostal revival touched a small local church known as the “Baltimore Branch of the Christian and Missionary Alliance.” Pastor Edward Staudt developed an interest in the Pentecostal movement and soon realized what he had been missing. After receiving the Baptism in the Holy Spirit, he began teaching his congregation about this Biblical experience. On June 4, 1923, they formed a new church called the “Full Gospel Church of Baltimore” and met on North Fulton Avenue in West Baltimore. In time, the growing congregation built a new brick church in Baltimore on the corner of Saratoga and Monroe.


Alexander Clattenburg was called to pastor the church in 1942. In 1945, the name was changed to Trinity Assembly of God. The church was soon experiencing such growth that construction was begun on a new building at Harford and Parkside Drives. As a visionary, Rev. Clattenburg believed God was leading the congregation to relocate to the present property along the beltway. Rev. Clattenburg frequently came out to the property, prayed over it, and asked God to set it apart for our church. Two years following his death in 1972 the land was finally purchased where the church now stands.


Earl Baldwin succeeded Rev. Clattenburg as pastor in 1973. Trinity grew steadily in the following years. By 1979, the first phase of building began on the new property. By the end of that year, Trinity moved in. Eventually, the burgeoning congregation required an even larger sanctuary to accommodate the number of people that God was adding to the church. In 1991, the present sanctuary building was completed.


Senior Pastor George W. Raduano was installed on April 27, 1997. Under his leadership, Trinity experienced a renewed vision and growth, both physically and spiritually. On May 26, 2009, the church celebrated the retirement of its sanctuary mortgage. His ministry has emphasized a contemporary approach to church ministry through the creative use of video and drama. People view him as a man of integrity and humility, who projects a genuine empathy for the church and for those far from Christ.

2010 – 20/20 VISION

2010 marked the beginning of the 20/20 Vision. One of the strategic initiatives born out of this vision was the launch into multi-site campuses. 2011 brought the launch of three new campuses: Echo Community Church (Perry Hall), La Iglesia Hispana de Trinidad (Spanish language) and Emanuel Fellowship (Chinese language). The addition of these campuses has enlarged the capacity of TrinityLife, while sharpening the focus of the vision: TrinityLife – one church, many expressions, serving Baltimore together!

100 Years!

In 2023 Trinity will Celebrate 100 years of ministry to Baltimore.   While we honor our rich heritage, we reach toward tomorrow in anticipation of what God wants to accomplish through TrinityLife. You can be a part of this vision. We welcome you! Each year kicks-off with a new theme shared during VISION SUNDAY. The 2023 RIGHT NOW COUNTS FOREVER theme alongside, our initiatives, and beliefs drives our congregation to reach and serve Baltimore and our world.