Kingdom Builders

 “Jesus traveled throughout the region of Galilee, teaching in the synagogues and announcing the Good News about the Kingdom...” (Matthew 4:23, NLT)

The Kingdom of God is the good news! Ultimately, God is sovereignly making the kingdoms of this world – His Kingdom, and believers in Christ are privileged to participate in God’s plan. What is the Kingdom of God? It is the ever-expanding rule and authority of God over the entire earth.

At TrinityLife, we join in this effort by believing, sharing, and investing. Believing is of prime importance. Our good works are rooted in our faith in God, not established in human effort. Sharing the Good News is how we fulfill the Great Commission. Investing in the Kingdom as a faithful steward is our mandate.

Our vision encompasses three distinct foci:

Our World – Those geographically far from us, expressly the unreached and underserved.

Our City – The metropolitan hub of business or influence that affects our daily lives.

Our Future – The up and coming, next generations entrusted to carry forward the mission.

Together, we can expand the authority of God and drive back the spiritual darkness. As we send Kingdom Builder (KB) Teams around Our World, we invariably witness a spiritual transformation. Every culture deserves an opportunity to hear the Good News. In Our City, KB Teams continue to serve devotedly to bring hope for those who desperately need to experience God’s love. Our Future is critically essential to reaching generations who are being evangelized by secular humanism. I am not only excited but also moved by youth KB Teams as they return from trips, inspired, transformed, and maturing as disciples.

As you view the pages of the 2020 Project Guide, invite the Holy Spirit to speak to you about your participation. Taking a moment to pray for the ministries and teams is one of the most important things you can do. After you pray, ask God to show you two things–how you may serve, and what gift amount to give. As you seek to do His will, be reminded that God “rewards those who diligently seek Him.” 

Pastor George Raduano

Our World

Goal: $250,000

We believe everyone in our world deserves the chance to hear the gospel and respond positively to Jesus Christ as Savior.

Our City

Goal: $75,000

We believe that in tangible ways, each of us are called to share the love and grace of God with our city.

Our Future

Goal: $25,000

We believe that to invest in the lives of the next generation is not only a privilege, but also our God-given responsibility for securing our future.