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Trinity Missions Policy

Missions Contributions are Treated as Tax-Deductible  Non-Refundable.

Team members who have a confirmed position on the trip are obligated to pay for the complete project cost prior to departure. In the event a team member is unable to go for any reason, funds contributed for the respective team member become property of the TrinityLife Church Missions Department to use for short-term projects in accordance with IRS regulations.

Option: Personal Cancellation Insurance

Once your name is on your airline ticket you have the option of purchasing travel insurance for ticket cancellation through companies such as Travel Guard. This is not the same insurance included with our trips for health coverage. The price of this particular travel insurance is based on a number of factors such as ticket price, age of the traveler, and length of trip. It covers a sudden change in your plans that prevent you from using your airline ticket.
Visit the web for a complete list of companies offering this feature. If you would like to purchase this insurance, we will be glad to send you an email copy of your confirmation code and ticket. You will need this information before you can make a purchase. Please note that this is a personal transaction and the price is variable, so we do not handle any funds for trip cancellation insurance through TrinityLife Church.

Medical Coverage

In addition to personal health coverage, all persons on TrinityLife Missions Teams will be covered on a Short-Term International Health Insurance Policy through Dissinger Reed Inc., which is provided for in the cost of the trip. This covers accidents, medical care, emergency evacuation, and more.