Kingdom Builders

Kingdom builders

Kingdom Builders is a group of fully committed individuals and families at TrinityLife who are prayerfully committing to give, over and above their tithes, to world missions, Baltimore, and our next generation.

Jesus says, “To whom much is given, much is required.” If you’re like me, you realize we have been given much in life. As we live with the command given by Jesus, we have a choice to either spend our resources on ourselves or invest them on things greater than ourselves.

We are anticipating 2018 to be a big year for us as we stretch way beyond what is normal, believing that God wants to use us in ways we have not been used in the past. We often hear it said, “The best is yet to come.” I believe our greatest impact is yet to come and the greatest miracles have not yet happened.

Thank you, in advance, for making the sacrifice to be a Kingdom Builder. Thank you for believing that God has so much more for us to do to change this world for His glory!

Pastor George Raduano

Our World

We believe everyone, in every nation, deserves a chance to hear the gospel and respond positively to Jesus Christ as Savior of the world.
Goal: $200,000

TrinityLife partners with approximately 100 missionaries and ministries serving in seven global regions. In many areas, it’s not just a matter of being spiritually lost, it’s not having access to the truth. This means approximately 40% of our world’s population, or 2.8 billion people, live without access to the good news of Jesus Christ. Over two billion people live without the opportunity to hear the gospel.

At TrinityLife, we have a collective heart that spans the globe. There are people all over the world who are not only lost, but their reality is hunger, poverty, slavery, isolation and ultimately, hopelessness. We want to help change these conditions by proclaiming and demonstrating the love and grace of God. This is our mission. This is our challenge.

Fire Bibles

Full Life Study Bibles are sent to church leaders and unreached people groups around the world. Currently, 38 language editions are available with 24 more in development for release in the next three years.

Fire Bibles  

Convoy of Hope

Convoy of Hope provides meals for children around the world and natural disaster relief stateside and abroad.

Convoy of Hope

Our City

We are seeking to change the lives of people suffering hunger, poverty, isolation, and hopelessness by sharing the love and grace of God in tangible ways.
Goal: $45,000


The mission is to awake, equip, and mobilize the church community in Maryland to end human trafficking in our city, state, and nation.



The mission is to change the heartbeat of Baltimore by providing short-term resources and long-term discipleship to vulnerable people, including low-income families, children, sex-trafficking victims, the homeless, and foster families.



The mission is to awake and engage the church in Baltimore and beyond to restore hope and healing to those affected by HIV and other associated health disparities. 


Solid Rock

The mission is to reach Baltimore for Jesus by providing opportunities that build strong moral values and provide support so each young person is enabled to confidently make positive life choices.

Solid Rock

Teen Challenge

The mission is to provide Christ-centered solutions for men ages 18 and older struggling with addictions through intentional discipleship and life training.

Teen Challenge Baltimore

Hope for Baltimore

A compassion ministry located on the southeast side of Baltimore committed to feeding the hungry, clothing the needy, and helping marginalized people receive hope and healing.

Feeding the Homeless

The mission is to provide food and support to the homeless in Baltimore.


The purpose is to provide groceries, gift cards, and financial assistance for TrinityLife families and friends, and ministry partners in Baltimore.

Our Future

Investing in the lives of kids and families and the next generation is not only a privilege, but our God-given responsibility.
Goal: $55,000


This new ministry will provide support to adoptive and foster families, create an awareness of the global orphan crisis, and assist children who are in vulnerable situations. By having a Treasured grant available, we can help TrinityLife families who want to adopt but are financially held back. Support groups and training will provide a healthy and welcoming space to educate and encourage those in our church and community to reach out and help vulnerable children.

Operation Christmas Child

The mission is to provide shoeboxes filled with small toys, hygiene items, and school supplies to children all over the world. Since 1993, Operation Christmas Child has delivered gift-filled shoeboxes to over 146 million children affected by war, poverty, natural disaster, famine, and disease in more than 100 countries.

Operation Christmas Child

Royal Family Kids

This ministry is committed to confronting child abuse by providing affirming camp experiences, kids clubs, child mentoring, and by helping abandoned and neglected children in the foster care system.

Royal Family Kids

Kingdom Builders Mission Trips

As teams prepare to serve in Greece, Mozambique, Houston, and Baltimore, planning is underway to extravagantly bless our world with the love of Christ. We want to support these teams with the resources to cover ministry expenses and with scholarship funds to help subsidize trip costs for those who need assistance.

Potomac Network Kids Camp Scholarships

Scholarships will cover registration fees for five kids to go to Potomac Network Kids Camp for the first time. Kids camp is a week-long summer camp for kids 8-12 years old. The week consists of worship services, clubs, extended prayer times, games, swimming, and much more.

Towson Town Spring Festival

Towson Town Spring Festival is the largest outdoor festival in Maryland and attracts 250,000 people annually. This provides TrinityLife with a great opportunity to connect with our community by communicating that we love our city and surrounding areas. Our goal is to put information in people’s hands and smiles on their faces.

Towson Town Spring Festival

Baltimore Youth Night

Over the last year, a developing dream has been to bring young believers across Baltimore together to seek God for renewal and a burden to lead the next generation to Christ. We are planning to host an event that unites teens from churches across the city and commissions them to make disciples and expand God’s kingdom.


God has gone to great lengths to bring the gospel to us, and we are excited to drive great lengths to bring people to Him. From teens to college kids to adults without access to a vehicle, we want to bring people to our campus for weekly services and events, and to travel to locations throughout Baltimore. Our goal is to purchase a reliable 15-passenger van.