Kingdom Builders

You are invited to join us in advancing the mission of Jesus by being a Kingdom Builder—believers who are strategic and missional in the area of compassion. As Jesus wept over the lost in Jerusalem, we weep over the brokenness of Our World and Our City. As Jesus welcomed children in his ministry, we too embrace and acknowledge the Kingdom potential in Future Generations.

Think about Our World—over 40% of the world’s population, 2.8 billion people, have never heard the Good News!

Think about Our City—violence, addiction, hunger, poverty, racism, trafficking, and hopelessness fill homes and streets.

Think about Future Generations—they are confronted with forces of darkness we never could have imagined just a few years ago.

Instead of shrinking back from the weightiness of these challenges, Kingdom Builders are rising to the occasion of being and making disciples. Seeking opportunities to transform lives through giving and serving, they not only focus their resources on fulfilling the mission of Jesus, but also in turn receive immeasurable benefits in the process. As a Kingdom Builder, you have the benefit of experiencing real-time transformation, expanding your heart for the lost and the hurting, deepening your prayer life, and being an encouragement to local and global missionaries.

Pastor George Raduano

Our World

Goal: $250,000

We believe everyone in our world deserves the chance to hear the gospel and respond positively to Jesus Christ as Savior.

Our City

Goal: $75,000

We believe that in tangible ways, each of us are called to share the love and grace of God with our city.

Our Future

Goal: $25,000

We believe that to invest in the lives of the next generation is not only a privilege, but also our God-given responsibility for securing our future.