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COVID-19 UPDATE 3/18/20


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Good Afternoon TrinityLife Family,

In light of concerns about Coronavirus (COVID-19), we want you, our church family and community, to be informed as to how we are responding:

1. Adherence to Government Policies Regarding the Covid-19 Outbreak: The Bible teaches us to obey our leaders when they do not conflict with God's Word.
• No public gatherings – on or off-campus.
• "Public" – meetings that are open to the public.
• Compassion – one of our Core Values drives us to care for the vulnerable, that is doing our best to secure the health of our congregation.

2. Worship Experience
• The primary way to connect with one another and God is our Sunday worship experiences.
• We are securing the necessary technology to be able to give you an inspiring online worship experience. We plan to go live on March 29.
• Online encouragement – Tomorrow, we will begin posting two-minute clips titled "Praying Scripture" for your encouragement. Prayer is still the answer.

3. Staying Connected
• Relationships are a high priority for us. The challenge of not having weekly gatherings for worship and Bible Study will be deeply felt.
• So, our Bible study groups will be going online using technology that will allow both interaction and inspiration. Your group leader will be connecting with you.

4. Finances
• Tithing/ Kingdom Builders – Thank you. People are already dropping off tithes, mailing their tithes, and giving online. Your giving counts…giving online is a great way to give.
• You may mail your giving or stop by the office, Monday through Thursday, 9:00 AM-5:00 PM.

5. Personal Needs
• We are still here for you.
• For Pastoral Care, grocery pick-up, urgent help – email: info@Trinitylife.com or PastorJohn@Trinitylife.com.
• Our staff and other volunteers are available to serve you.

6. Cancellation of Paid Events
• Some ticketed events – Youth Conference – are being canceled. We are working with the ministries to provide refunds.
• Your ministry leader will help you with the details.

Going forward, some of the modifications we are making will be to your advantage in the future:
• We will be able to provide online experiences – i.e., class – when we have weather cancellations.
• Children and Student ministries will be able to connect on a deeper level with you.
• We will offer live streaming of our Sunday services for the times you are traveling or unable to attend. Good things are going to come out of this!!!
One more thing, I am recording this on my deck. These past few days, I’ve spent time doing some spring cleaning. This upcoming Sunday, I have an encouraging message that comes from this deck furniture. You won't want to miss it!

I look forward to being with you on Sunday – online!!